About Us

All life has a beginning and an end. If we would like to have quality of life and longevity, we need to follow the law of nature.  Our cells are regenerating everyday and its main source of energy is not by any Medicine, it is by clean air, clean water, clean foods and clean herbs.

For example, fish in a tank require clean water and right foods to survive, same way, human beings need clean air, right foods for our body type and herbs.

Why our bodies get sick and suffer with so many diseases?

The answer is simple - we didn’t follow the law of nature, therefore our body and mind became unbalanced.  Also, we get diseases because of living in a stressful, heavily competitive life style, and in a polluted industrial environment.

When we pay attention to our body, some people get cold easily; some people get hot easily and vice versa.  And some people like certain foods, and dislike certain foods, because everyone has different body types.

But with Western and some Oriental Medicine doctors, when they diagnose a disease, they then apply the same treatment to everyone. However, even though people have the same disease, we need to treat each person in a different way, depending on their body type.

Our clinic specializes in finding the correct body type for all of our patients then, we create a customize treatment for each and every one of our patients to maximize our treatment results in a safe and natural way.

We look forward to being a part of your healing journey!!